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‼️СЛИВ ДОНОСОВ В КГБ: около 40 тыс. обращений за 9 лет через портал КГБ Беларуси попали в сеть благодаря Киберпартизанам.



КиберПартизаны Беларуси

КиберПартизаны — сообщество анонимных хактивистов, которые борются за освобождение Беларуси от диктатуры, установление в стране демократических прав и законности.

Группа появилась и сплотилась на волне протестов 2020 г. в Беларуси против тирана Лукашенко, который преступным путем захватил власть в стране.

Среди нас нет профессиональных хакеров, большинство участников — простые IT специалисты, которые не согласны мириться с беззаконием и хотят бороться против диктатуры доступными им способами.

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Более 50 киберопераций

против режимов диктатуры проведены публично. Десятки наиболее успешных не публикуются, чтобы сохранить доступы

Сотни расследований

независимых журналистов

стали возможны благодаря операциям Киберпартизан

> 10 000 скачиваний

Партизанского Телеграм — мессенджера для безопасного общения активистов

Свыше 100

Telegram ботов

обратной связи для независимых СМИ и протестных организаций Беларуси

  • What are the goals of the Cyber Partisans?
    To overthow the dictatorship regime of Lukashenko. To preserve the independence and territorial integrity of Belarus. To stabilize Belarus during the transition period, returning to democratic principles of governance and rule of law.
  • How do the Cyber Partisans choose targets for attacks?
    Attacks are intended to minimize harm to ordinary citizens and maximize to regime's people. Targets are selected in a manner that genuinely damages dictaroship regimes or acquires important information that aids in causing such damage. We do not operate on systems unrelated to dictatorship regimes. We work within our means. Not all networks can be accessed. However, the more people and resources we have, the broader the range of targets available to us. Within the group, we define a common strategy. Periodically, we gather and prioritize goals based on the current political climate. Our hacktivists then work in line with the approved strategy.
  • Can one order a cyberattack, hack, or information search from you?
    We do not accept commercial orders. All targets for attacks are chosen in a way that brings us closer to achieving the organization's main goals.
  • How do you assist journalists?
    Thanks to hacks on structures supporting the dictators Lukashenko and Putin, the Cyber Partisans have obtained a vast amount of databases and documents. This information sheds light on the crimes of dictatorship regimes in Belarus and Russia. All data, which do not compromise the confidentiality and safety of ordinary citizens, are handed over upon request for journalistic investigations.
  • Is it safe to install Partisan Telegram for communication?
    Partisan Telegram has undergone an independent security audit. Moreover, the application offers the maximum possible settings to disguise itself as the original Telegram. For activists' safety, we have also implemented a passwordless mode feature. If this option is activated, the application does not prompt for the code-password, which could raise suspicion among law enforcement and intelligence personnel. However, Partisan Telegram can be identified through a detailed forensic analysis of the device. We recommend considering this before installing the application.
  • Do the Cyber Partisans provide paid services?
    All organizations, activists, and individuals adhering to democratic principles can expect our free assistance that aligns with our principles. However, due to our limited resources, immediate and/or long-term information-providing services are only available on a paid basis. For the details and contacts, please refer to the 'Contacts and Donations' section.
  • What financial resources does the group have?
    The primary source of funds is financial assistance from private donors who care about the fate of Belarus. Any assistance is valuable and propels us toward achieving our main goals.
  • What assistance will be most effective for Cyber Partisans?
    As a non-commercial volunteer organization, the best assistance for us would be donations of any amount acceptable to you. Funds are needed to support servers with databases, feedback bots, equipment, and the work of specialists. See the details in the 'Contacts and Donations' section. You can also make a significant contribution by joining our volunteer team. To do this, write to our bot @cpartisans_join_bot.
Cockroaches, White Knights + One-Eyed Mo

Освободим Беларусь от диктатуры!

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