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CyberPartisans Spoke At the CloudFest Conference

This is the #1 event in cloud computing, which every year brings together top-notch professionals and major companies: Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM and others. In previous years, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Ilon Musk have spoken at CloudFest.

About our performance:

From the stage of this year's CloudFest, Juliana Shemetovets spoke about the work of CyberPartisan and raised the issue of the Lukashenko regime evading sanctions. As the dictatorship continues to use routers, cloud products, and other Western technologies for its own purposes, including repression against Belarusians.

✊ CyberPartisans are able to observe in real time what systems the Lukashenko regime is using illegally and are willing to share this information with relevant organizations to investigate all of the regime's schemes.


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