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Telegram Channels

@cpartisans_by — provides the most current information about hacks, major leaks, and important events for the group.

@cpartisans_dumps —  focuses on data leaks and cyber investigations.

@cpartisans_security — offers information on our app updates and shares useful security tips.

  • Телеграмма

Telegram Chatbots

@cpartisans_botour primary anonymous bot.

@cpartisans_urgent_boturgent bot (only for media, hackers, and assistance with access to regime systems).

@partisan_qa_botbot for those interested in helping us test P-Telegram on Android, iOS, PC, P-SMS, and more.

@cpartisans_join_botbot for those interested in joining our team.

@partisan_telegram_bot bot to address questions and report bugs related to P-Telegram and P-SMS applications.



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How To Help the Belarusian Cyber Partisans

We are an organization run by volunteers, and our operations are primarily sustained through the generous donations of those who support our fight against dictatorship. You can contribute any amount to assist us.

Transfer From a Bank Card

5354 5670 1711 0254

Partizan Wave

(do not transfer from Belarusian banks ❗️)


Make a Bank Transfer

Fundacja Białoruś Liberty
(Foundation Belarus Liberty)

z siedzibą w Warszawie, przy ul. Al. Jana Pawła II 43A/37B, 01-001 Warszawa

NIP: 5213996842

REGON: 523918575

Help With Cryptocurrency

BTC - bc1qprsr2escj8csq93qha9hdxperuj4aexlnzj5hu

TRX - THpabeV9rTasBZzT8dCiv6AWoKErbYCqbz

ETH - 0x6bE4E40E2778F46546639Eb2Ac47F94F89157AbC

USDT (ETH) - 0x6bE4E40E2778F46546639Eb2Ac47F94F89157AbC

XMR - 44aWk8qQKhkEhWdzQnnDctetNtTz51nEk4Xd4efaTUTg3LUTfvPQZz9VpprEeE2MbmGSU3zu4BaUXgafgsL5RhksCSd6dW5

PL 65 1140 2004 0000 3002 8357 3067

mBank S.A.
ul. Prosta 18
00-850 Warszawa

Do not transfer from Belarusian banks

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