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Partisan Telegram (P-Telegram)

Partisan Telegram is a modification of the well-known messenger program Telegram adapted for the purpose of data protection of politically engaged users living under repressive regimes. After installation, all your chats, contacts, saved messages, and channels are migrated to it.
However, P-Telegram distinguishes itself from the original application by enabling the creation of a fake code-password or accessing the messenger along with the standard code-password. This additional code is utilized when forced to grant access to your account by strangers.
When you enter a fake code-password, P-Telegram automatically executes pre-set actions, such as concealing specific chats, channels, or even the entire account.

The app offers added security features like the capability to:
- Read channels without subscribing.
- Send messages that vanish once read.
- Apply password protection.
- Alert chosen contacts in emergencies, and more.

Find additional information about P-Telegram on YouTube

Answers to common questions and a settings guide

Support the project via BTC (Bitcoin) - bc1qw4yqlzgjxnl9dtzchxj7nkjdlw6uz2gdkp0679


Partisan SMS (P-SMS)

Partisan SMS is employed for urgent SMS communication during Internet blackouts. With its help, you can send encrypted SMS messages, the contents of which are decipherable only by those possessing the encryption key.
Both you and your correspondent must have the application installed and an encryption key shared beforehand, either in person or through secure methods. Anyone without the key who tries to read the text will only see an unintelligible encryption, including the mobile operator.

More about P-SMS on Youtube
Settings Guide

Support the project (BTC) - bc1qw4yqlzgjxnl9dtzchxj7nkjdlw6uz2gdkp0679


P-Telegram reviews

A year ago, during interrogation, they tried to get into my Telegram [on the phone]. I ‘helped’ them by entering with the fake passcode and showed them through ([during which] dialogues, channels, etc. were all removed [automatically by PTG behind the scenes]). I guess they did not understand or did not show that they noticed that this was a PTG. They simply tried to get through the two-factor authentication.


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