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Telegram for iOS by Cyberpartisans – Vartagram

Externally, Vartagram is NOT masquerading as Telegram (as per Apple's policy), but you can transfer your accounts with all your data into the app and use it like normal Telegram.

Vartagram has a number of important differences (useful not only in Belarus):

🔺 You can hide accounts and secret chats — they become available only after entering a secret code.

🔺 You can convert voice messages to text even without Telegram Premium subscription.

🔺 Automatic translation in chats and groups is available without Telegram Premium.

🔺 You can use up to 10 Telegram accounts and more in the app.

Read more about the new features at the link.

❗️ Now Vartagram is at the stage of public testing and is NOT READY FOR USE IN Belarus. We invite independent developers to check the sources and test the alpha version of Vartagram.

To get access to TestFlight for testing, write to the bot @partisan_telegram_bot

The source code can be viewed at the link.


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