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Vartagram has been upgraded to Telegram version 10.5.2

Exciting new features include:

🔹 Creation dates are now displayed not only for channels but also for chats, provided you have access to their initial messages.

🔹 Added ability to hide all "secrets" when shaking the device.

🔹 Enhanced code-password-mining protection algorithm.

🔹 Secret codes can be entered on the locked screen of the app instead of the passcode. This will unlock the app and show hidden content at the same time.

Learn more about what Vartagram is and how it works here.

❗️ We welcome independent developers to explore the source code and test Vartagram. For TestFlight access, reach out to @partisan_telegram_bot. Check out the source code here.

A quick reminder: Vartagram is currently in the public testing phase and is NOT READY FOR USE IN BELARUS. We're actively debugging and finalizing functionality.


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