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How to Become a Cyber Partisan

We welcome volunteers who share the primary goals and principles of the Cyber Partisan group.

Having free time is crucial. You can be a professional specialist, but you won't help the group if you only devote a couple of hours a month to the tasks.

No prior experience in IT? No problem. Our group comprises individuals with various specialties such as designers, video editors, managers, and more. There are tasks suitable for anyone who's proactive.

Not a citizen of Belarus? No issue. We welcome individuals from various countries, as long as they have the enthusiasm to help us accomplish our objectives.


We are looking for volunteers!

Even if you lack expertise in the listed specialties, you can join us and aid in testing security applications such as P-Telegram and P-SMS.

You don't need IT knowledge, just free time, attentiveness and willingness to help.

Any form of participation will bring us closer to victory over dictatorship!

Long Live Belarus ❤️

🔹 Pentester: Penetration Testing & Cybersecurity Software
🔹 System Administrator
🔹 Network Engineer
🔹 Desktop Developers C++ (Windows/Linux/Mac)
🔹 Android Developers (Java)
🔹 Video Editor & Designer
🔹 Grant Writing manager / Grant Writer (IT)

How to join


Reach out to the Telegram bot @cpartisans_join_bot or email with the following details:
- How you can help.
- Your skills and experience.


Do NOT block the bot and anticipate a response. Due to the workload of our administrators, the answer may not be immediately, please wait a while.


We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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