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We launch a cyber strike against a company that serves the Russian aggressor's railway logistics.

💥 Workstations are encrypted.

💥 The domain controller is in our hands.

💥 All document workflow, emails, data from servers (over 2 TB) have been extracted.

💥 Originals and backups encrypted/deleted.


Hacking details

CJSC Wagon-Service is a Russian company that specialises in the maintenance of railway trains and includes 101 enterprises across Russia. The company works closely with Russian Railways and has many letters of appreciation for servicing the Russian aggressor's railway logistics.

CyberPartisans launched an attack on the servers of CJSC Wagon-Service on Friday 19 May 2023. They successfully penetrated the network, extracted data and started encrypting.

On the night of Friday to Saturday, the company realised they had been hacked and tried to counteract us, but without success. Everything they rolled back, we finished overnight Sunday to Monday.

In the end, on 22 May 2023, the attack was successful. 🔥

As one of our hacktivists who took part in the hack comments:

Every screw in this Rashist regime must break, every cog must stop.

Kaspersky antivirus didn't even notice that the system was hacked. 😎
Corporate email was hacked and we learnt from the emails when technical works were going to be done. So our "technical work" wouldn't look suspicious. 😄
Internal company document with information about the theft of a bio-toilet in a locomotive. Looks like the Rashists' passion for stealing toilets has global proportions. 😉
Characteristics of PCs on the internal Wagon-Service network
Accounting system starts glitching because the server is encrypted. 😆

Moscow occupiers, get the hell out of Belarus and Ukraine! If you help the RF war machine, you share responsibility for the crimes.

P.S. JiveBelarus new password for all your accounts. 🔘🔴🔘


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