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Grodno Azot Is Under Attack Again!

The first attack on Grodno Azot's network involved planting viruses which were scheduled to be triggered. Yesterday, the first series of such "bookmarks" worked, which should have deleted data from the PCs of many hundreds of employees, the document management system, the domain controller, and other servers. According to our information, there was panic at Azot. The dispatcher ordered urgent shutdown of PCs throughout the company. Too late 🫢

If our demands for the release of political prisoners are met, all bookmarks will be neutralised and deleted. Our goal is to make these political prisoners the most expensive in the world for the Minsk junta.

Vitya, the choice is yours.

P.S.: Our source in the security lab tells us that after the first hack, they sent a whole team of security people to Azot. As it turned out, they fell for the leftover baits- decoys-generators of strong activity, like little children. They got excited and didn't look for our real "surprises" 🎁


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