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Cyberattack On "Grodno Azot"

Since 2020, Grodno Azot management has been involved in harassment, pressure and political repression of the company's employees. We have not forgotten the punitive raids, denunciations and mass dismissals. Now it is your turn to pay the price. 👊📛

🔥 Encrypted internal emails, workflow and hundreds of work PCs.

🔥 Backups of databases, servers, mail, document flow were destroyed.

🔥 Security systems and surveillance cameras hacked.

🔥 The work of boiler shop was disrupted. 😎

The stakes are rising. To recover the data, the dictator will have to release ALL political prisoners of Grodno Azot + 75 political prisoners with the worst health condition (at our discretion). Now we worked carefully and used only a small part of our capabilities. If you refuse, next time the stakes will be even higher.


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