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Cyberpartisans took part in the strategic dialogue between the Belarusian democratic forces and the USA

On December 6-7, an unprecedented event took place in Washington - never before had the US State Department held a strategic dialogue with non-governmental representatives. Cyberpartisans had the honor to take part in this event through their representative, Yuliana Shametavets.

Yuliana told the American partners about the role of Cyberpartisans in obtaining confidential information about the regime's crimes in Belarus, exposing Lukashenka's special services agents, cyber operations against the Russian aggressor, as well as creating safe information tools for Belarusians under conditions of repression.

The message of the representative of the Cyberpartisans was clear: we fight not to survive, but to win. 🦾 We hope that this meeting will become a foundation for mutually beneficial long-term relations with American partners and the future democratization of Belarus.

We thank the Coordination Council for the opportunity to participate in such a significant event.

Long live Belarus!


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