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Kozlov's order: tampering with evidence and documents

“You walk up to the UAZ, you f**king smash the f**king window, the f**king door, yourself, with your f**king foot. You take a picture and send it to us right away. [...] I need a f**king police car that's been f**king mangled".

Tampering with evidence, forging documents, detaining random people - we reveal how it is accepted to work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. The special issue "Criminals in Law" is dedicated to Vitaly Kozlov, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

We publish the video on the friendly channel “Partyzan Praise”.

We thank those who are already helping us; this is an important contribution to the common cause. 🤝

Long live Belarus! ⬜️🟥⬜️


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