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Roskomnadzor monitors its employees

SecureTower from FalconGaze is a programme with the help of which the Roskomnadzor management monitors its employees like animals in a zoo.

The system intercepts and records all actions on employees' computers down to the keystrokes.

This is how Roskomnadzor even gets personal information about employees:

🔺 Correspondence in social networks, messengers.

🔺 Documents (even personal ones).

🔺 Passwords.

🔺 Credit card details, etc.

FalconGaze's website says that their system "helps companies protect themselves from leaks", but in fact it was SecureTower that made CyberPartisans aware of all employee PC activity for many months. We hacked their product and gained access to all of the above information. 😎

⚠️ By the way, FalconGaze shamelessly stole and renamed some code libraries, violating their licences. The details of this have already been submitted to the relevant European authorities. 🤝


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