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The International Federation Of the Red Cross Has Called On the BRCS To Dismiss General Secretary

The reason: gross and systematic violation of the basic principles of the movement. Previously, Cyberpartisans have already drawn public attention to this by publishing a list of crimes of the BRCS leadership on the official website of this organization.

We also shared documents shedding light on some of the Red Cross' activities with journalists and interested organizations.

About the illegal taking-out of children from Ukraine:

Based on the results of the investigation, the International RC Federation concluded that the BRCS was not directly involved in the movement of children from the territory of Ukraine. According to internal RC reports, the Aleksey Talai Foundation is responsible for the transportation. However, the BRCS facilitated these actions and provided financial support (as we wrote about earlier).

If Dmitry Shevtsov is not fired by November 30, BRCS will lose its membership and funding. According to our data, this could be fatal for the Red Cross in Belarus. Aiding and abetting dictatorship or humanitarian activity...? We hope the BRCS will make the right choice. ⌛️


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