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We are moving to a new channel!

Friends, to keep up to date with news about hacks, attacks, investigations and our other activities, subscribe to the CyberPartisans News channel

According to our security protocols, if a group member does not respond for a certain amount of time, their connection is terminated. At this point, we are forced to apply these rules to the person whose account was credited with owning the CyberPartisans channel. ⚠️ We have therefore removed all @cpartisans subscribers and encourage you to subscribe to the new channel. ⚠️


🔺 This person has NOT been involved in the workflow for over 3 years. His only role was as a keeper of the main channel.

🔺He does NOT have access to our bots, chats and the rest of the channel.

🔺The person resides in the West. Therefore, the reasons for his disappearance are most likely NOT related to politics.

We understand that the enemy will try to take advantage of the situation to introduce misinformation and cause uncertainty. But the safety of our subscribers comes first, which is why we made this decision.

Do not be provoked. If you have any questions, please contact us via the usual means of communication:

@cpartisans_bot — anonymous bot

@cpartisans_urgent_bot — urgent media bot

@cpartisans_chat — open chat


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