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How to clean Telegram before being screened?

If you are summoned to the KGB, if your authorities require you to show Telegram, or if you are afraid of being searched at the border, it's time to check your messenger for possible "dirty laundry".

⚠️ In such cases, you should log out or hide your account for political chats and channels.

But it is also useful to check the usual account, not for political topics. Suddenly an acquaintance sent a repost from an "extremist" channel or a picture/video that you have long forgotten about.

Needs to be reviewed and cleaned up:

🔺 chat messages;

🔺 search queries;

🔺saved cache;

🔺 downloaded files;

🔺bots written to;


This article details how to clean everything.

Without VPN follow the link.

Allocate at least 2 days for checking to clean Telegram well. Do not be lazy to check everything - your life and safety depend on it.


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