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The Malicious Telegram Is Being Distributed In the GetApps Shop For Xiaomi Phones

The fake modification has made it to the top of the " Connection" category and is also pre-installed on some Xiaomi smartphones.

How to identify:

1️⃣ The fake has version 9.6.9. The original Telegram did not come out with this version. To discover your Telegram version, go to the Settings menu and scroll down.

2️⃣ The dangerous modification offers to participate in draws and get prizes that have nothing to do with the original Telegram and may be aimed at stealing your data!

What to do if you have installed a malicious version of messenger:

🔺 Log out of your account and uninstall the app.

🔺 Install the original Telegram from the official website or PTelegram from Cyberpartisan.

🔺 Change the cloud password of all messenger accounts!

🔺 After 24 hours, go to Settings -> Devices and check your active sessions. End the ones that clearly don't belong to you (or instead of waiting 24 hours, do it from another device you've been using Telegram on for a while).


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