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What Is Checked In the Phone During the Personal Search?

This post is based on the stories of those who have had their phones searched.

So, the first thing they look at is:

🔺YouTube - subscriptions, likes, comments, saved videos.

🔺Telegram - channels, chats, contacts.

🔺 Photo and video gallery.

🔺 Social networks.

Prepare yourself for questions about whether you view materials from "extremist" channels, what your political position is and why.

What you can do ahead of time:

  1. Don't keep the google account from which you watch news and politics videos on YouTube authorized on your phone. Purposely log into that google account every time you need it.

  2. If step one is difficult to do, at the very least delete the video from the "History" section of YouTube immediately after watching it. Do not leave likes or comments. You can also set YouTube to not save your viewing history.

  3. Delete non-anonymous social media accounts if you've left likes and comments from them that could get you arrested.

  4. Install P-Telegram and create a separate "partisan" account for political channels and chats. In the settings, select the option to automatically delete/hide the account when a false passcode is entered.

  5. Set P-Telegram to automatically clear the cache when you lock the app.

  6. Delete all photos and videos in your phone's gallery that could be a reason for your detention. Don't forget to clear them from your Trash / Deleted folder as well.

Share this post, help others to keep safe and take care of yourself! Long live Belarus! ⬜️🟥⬜️


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